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Search for Local Professional Photographers & Videographers
Canadian Professional Photographers & Videographers Directory

Find local professional photographers and videographers in Toronto and Ontario


Our directory features a pool of highly skilled individuals who specialize in capturing unforgettable moments. Whether you require experts to document your wedding or engagement, create breathtaking family and lifestyle portraits, capture the precious moments of a newborn's arrival, immortalize the beauty of pregnancy and maternity, or enhance your professional image with captivating headshots and business photography, we have a diverse range of professionals including fashion photographers, pet photographers, event photographers, boudoir photographers, commercial photographers, and product photographers. Look no further for all your photography needs!

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To join our directory, it is essential that you are a professional photographer or videographer. We strive to maintain a high standard of excellence and provide our users with access to top-quality visual artists. As a professional in the field, your expertise and dedication to your craft are valued, and we believe that your inclusion in our directory will enhance the experience for those seeking exceptional photography and videography services. By joining our esteemed community, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, showcase your portfolio, and attract potential clients who appreciate the artistry and skill that you bring to your work.

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Weekely one city (Toronto -Mississauga -Brampton) $15.00 2 weeks $26.00
Weekely 2 cities (Toronto -Mississauga -Brampton) $24.00  2 weeks $40.00
Weekely 3 cities (Toronto -Mississauga -Brampton) $34.00 2 weeks $ 50.00
Weekly one city  $11.00 2 weeks $18.00
 Weekly 2 cities  $18.00 2 weeks $30.00
Weekly 3 cities $25.00 2 weeks $40.00
Side Ad Weekely $45.00 2 weeks $65.00




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