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Advertise with us

 Affordable & Effective

Let us help you get your message in front of thousands of  potential customers each months

Online advertising is business for the modern world. The potential for success and reaching a larger audience is huge. If this is something you are considering, have your website displayed as a banner on our website. With this option you can choose to have it advertised within a specific city or province wide. For more information please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Weekely one city (Calgary and Edmonton ) $15.00 2 weeks $26.00
Weekely 2 cities (Calgary and Edmonton) $24.00  2 weeks $40.00
Weekely 3 cities (Calgary and Edmonton) $34.00 2 weeks $ 50.00
Weekly one city  $11.00 2 weeks $18.00
 Weekly 2 cities  $18.00 2 weeks $30.00
Weekly 3 cities $25.00 2 weeks $40.00
Side Ad Weekely $45.00 2 weeks $65.00


 Should you require further information please contact us